Derek Van Gorder and Otto Stockmeier

Mr. Van Gorder and Mr. Stockmeier have been collaborating as a creative team for the past seven years. During this time they have developed a nuanced and deliberate style of visual storytelling and a structured approach to production, with a knack for combining concept and resources to achieve the optimal outcome. These skills have enabled them to complete several ambitious film projects, which in turn have earned them FilmColumbia Student Selection Winner in 2007, a Kodak Film Award in 2009, and an IFC premiere in 2011. After spending time working in New York City and Berlin respectivly, they united again to bring their high standard for concept and execution to this project.
Otto & Derek

Kori Higgins (Line Producer and 2nd AD) brought a professional background in politics, and a personal love of creativity and collaboration to this project. Her delusions of grandeur have taken her into a career in politics, working in the U.S. Senate, on a presidential campaign, and as assistant director for a DC non-profit, and her idealism has recently taken her out of it. Her pragmatic approach and creative impulses provided a fresh and welcomed outlook to the project.
Kori Higgins

Clint Byrne (Director of Photography) is a cameraman and a stage-trained actor from Buffalo, NY. After moving to NYC he discovered that not only does he have a calling for the stage, but also talent behind the camera. For the past two years he has been working professionally with Mr. Van Gorder and is proud to have helped create the look of the future.
Clint Byrne

Thomas Kronbichler (Graphic Designer) studied product and communication design in Italy and the UK, has worked at award winning design studios in Austria, Italy and Germany, and has publications in numerous design magazines and books. Thomas is currently working on both applied design and fine art projects. He lives in Berlin.
Thomas Kronbichler

Charles Adams (Chief Ship Builder) has over 20 years of model design and technical illustration experience. He worked as a conceptual designer on the 2003 Battlestar Galactica Mini-Series and designed and built a large practical space station effects miniature for the film The Genesis Code. He is the author of The Model Design & Blueprinting Handbook, Volume 1 (, created the popular website and administers the site
Charles Adams

Jonas Marozas (Chief Set Builder) lives in Berlin where he is an art teacher and does freelance construction and restoration work. This was his first time working in film and he brought both a high level of technical ability and a tremendous amount of energy to the project. Although he has returned to Berlin, he is eager to do more film work in the future.
Jonas Marozas